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Above all, Branded by Woods is different.  Our life began more than 50 years ago, as Woods Printing Company, in the back of a barber shop.  Because of this, our company is deeply rooted in putting ink on paper and we will always remain proud, print geeks.  However, today, we have taken that little-print-shop-that-could and grown it into a creative-company-that-does.  Branded by Woods uses its’ vast knowledge to help clients from all over build strong, identifiable brands.  Many designers claim to understand color and many printers claim to understand design.  Branded by Woods understands both and has meticulously set out to build a team filled with printers, designers, and marketers to ensure our clients’ brands are viewed and created with all aspects in mind.

What we do

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People are at the center of all we do.  That focus is what drives us to provide creative branding for all.
No matter the role within our company, creativity sits at the core of what we do.
We are all just a little off-centered and that “off-centeredness” is what helps us tell your story.

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