At Branded by Woods, we help our clients go from concept, to creation, to strategy execution. Your brand is more than a logo, name and pretty colors.  It’s your identity, your reputation, your story.  A true brand identity enacts specific feelings in your customers - both current and potential.  It’s our mission to make those feelings positive and profitable. 

Branding Process

Branded byWoods begins every branding project by meeting with you and your team first.  We focus on learning as much about your company and industry as we can. It’s our belief that a designer can’t take you to where you want to go without knowing where you’ve been.  Your brand is your identity.  Branded by Woods believes we have to understand what makes you, YOU in order to give you a logo that truly speaks.  For whatever reason, many designers don’t put an emphasis on learning who their clients are; and the end results are uninspiring.  Not with us.  Branded by Woods takes that extra step to ensure we are armed with everything we need to exceed your expectations.

Identity Systems

Your logo is only one element of your brand.  Branded by Woods will elevate your brand through unique letterhead, envelope, and business card designs.  In today’s age it’s easy to not put the effort into these elements.  However, the brands that do, set themselves apart from the competition and create unexpected, lasting interactions with their brand.

Brand Standards

Branded by Woods provides you with clear-cut guidelines to ensure your brand is represented accurately and consistently no matter the media.  We provide you with your logo in all file types, as well as, a hard copy and electronic copy of your brand standards to ensure your logo is properly used at all times.

Brand & Color Management

While Branded by Woods works directly with the marketing teams of many large, national brands, we also cater to the needs of small and medium sized businesses as well. If your business doesn’t have, or need, a full-time marketing department, no problem.  We will work with you to ensure your brand is managed properly and your marketing material is consistent and on brand. 

Everyone seems to know Brand Management, but its lesser known (but just as important) sibling is Color Management.  Too many times, businesses know their general corporate colors (i.e – blue, green, red, yellow, etc.), however, every color has its own unique number for both print and digital platforms.  These numbers ensure every time your logo is reproduced, your customers, and potential customers, experience your brand the same way no matter the media.