Promotional products. Swag. Employee incentives. Ad specialties. Branded merchandise. Whatever you call it, these physical representations of your business are essential in making an impression with your team and your customers. When our clients continually requested promotional products they could be proud to distribute, we pledged to deliver those items with the same care and professionalism as we have print for so many years. Branded by Woods will work with you to source the best items to represent your brand.  We know these items are gifts and need to carry with them the same look and feel as your company identity. The qualified staff at Branded by Woods will act as your personal shoppers to source items you will be proud to distribute. No more thumbing through catalogs or spending hours online coming up with ideas. Branded by Woods will do all of that for you, so you can spend your time focusing on your company.

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute® in 2020, listed below are 10 Reasons WHY you should use promos to build your brand.

51% OF CONSUMERS say they'd be more likely to do business with a company that gives them a promo writing instrument like a pen.

ON AVERAGE, promotional bags are kept 11 months and seen 3,300 times, putting them at a budget-friendly cost per-impression of $0.002.

IF YOU give people in your target audience a promo T-shirt, nearly 50% of them will keep it for an average of 2+ years, giving your brand long-term exposure.

A WHOPPING 85% of consumers remember the advertiser that gave them a shirt or hat.

WANT THE most bang for your buck? Opt for promo outerwear like jackets or hoodies, which generate over 6,100 impressions in their lifetime.

STAY ON your consumers' minds year-round with a calendar. Bonus: 52% of consumers will keep the calendar past the 1-year mark.

9 OUT OF 10 consumers own promotional products and use them regularly, so you'll create ongoing awareness around your brand, event or cause.

SWAG CAN be as creative, fun and memorable as you want to make it.

NEARLY EVERY company uses logoed items, from your local corner store to big name brands.

CONSUMERS LOVE promos, keep them an average of 8-16 months and even pass them on to others when they're done. This extends the lifetime of your promotions and positions your brand in front of more potential customers!

If you really want to look for yourself, you can check out our online Swagalog. If you find something you like, just reach out for your custom quote.